The Adventures of Tom Sawyer




   ABOUT noon the next day the boys arrived at the dead tree; they had come for their tools. Tom was impatient to go to the haunted house; Huck was measurably so, also--but suddenly said:

   L'endemà, pels volts de migdia, els minyons arribaren a l'arbre mort, i anaven a cercar llurs eines. Tom es migrava per anar a la casa on sortia por; i Huck també bastant, però de cop i volta digué:

   "Lookyhere, Tom, do you know what day it is?"

   -Escolteu, Tom: sabeu quín dia és?

   Tom mentally ran over the days of the week, and then quickly lifted his eyes with a startled look in them--

   Tom reconegué mentalment els dies de la setmana, i després alçà cuitosament els ulls, amb una mirada espaordida.

   "My! I never once thought of it, Huck!"

   -Manoi! No hi havia pensat, Huck!

   "Well, I didn't neither, but all at once it popped onto me that it was Friday."

   -Bé, jo tampoc; però de sobte se m'ha acudit que era divendres.

   "Blame it, a body can't be too careful, Huck. We might 'a' got into an awful scrape, tackling such a thing on a Friday."

   -Diastre! Mai no es té prou esment, Huck. Hauríem pogut ficar-nos en un trencacoll paorós, sorollant aquesta casa en divendres.

   "Might! Better say we would! There's some lucky days, maybe, but Friday ain't."

   -Pogut!... Digueu que ens hi hauríem ficat. Hi ha alguns dies sortosos, potser; però el divendres no n'és pas.

   "Any fool knows that. I don't reckon you was the first that found it out, Huck."

   -Fins els més ximples ho saben. No em penso que vós fóssiu el primer que ho esbrinés, Huck.

   "Well, I never said I was, did I? And Friday ain't all, neither. I had a rotten bad dream last night--dreampt about rats."

   -Bé, mai no he dit que ho fos, em sembla. I encara hi ha més cosa, que això del divendres. He tingut un mal somni de la reira, aquesta nit passada: he somniat rates.

   "No! Sure sign of trouble. Did they fight?"

   -Sí? Senyal segur de trontoll. Que es barallaven?



   "Well, that's good, Huck. When they don't fight it's only a sign that there's trouble around, you know. All we got to do is to look mighty sharp and keep out of it. We'll drop this thing for today, and play. Do you know Robin Hood, Huck?"

   -Bé, això és una bona cosa, Huck. Quan no es barallen, només és senyal que el trontoll roda a la vora: sabeu? No podem fer altra cosa que l'ull viu i no deixar-nos arreplegar. Bé, deixem aquest ram, per avui, i juguem. Sabeu jugar a Robin Hood, Huck?

   "No. Who's Robin Hood?"

   -No. Quí és Robin Hood?

   "Why, he was one of the greatest men that was ever in England--and the best. He was a robber."

   -Ves, va ésser un dels homes més grans que mai hi hagi hagut a Anglaterra, i el millor. Era un lladre.

   "Cracky, I wisht I was. Who did he rob?"

   -Renoi! Em plauria de ser-ne. A quí robava?

   "Only sheriffs and bishops and rich people and kings, and such like. But he never bothered the poor. He loved 'em. He always divided up with 'em perfectly square."

   -Només que a xerifs i bisbes, i gent rica i reis, i aviram així. Però mai no atropellava els pobres. Els estimava. Sempre es partia les coses amb ells: tant tu, tant jo.

   "Well, he must 'a' been a brick."

   -Bé, devia ésser una bella persona.

   "I bet you he was, Huck. Oh, he was the noblest man that ever was. They ain't any such men now, I can tell you. He could lick any man in England, with one hand tied behind him; and he could take his yew bow and plug a ten-cent piece every time, a mile and a half."

   -Ja us jugo qualsevol cosa que sí, Huck. Oh! Era l'home més noble que mai s'hagi conegut. D'homes així no n'hi ha, avui en dia: jo ho sé bé prou. Podia apallissar qualsevol home d'Anglaterra amb una mà fermada al seu darrera, i podia agafar el seu arc de teix i encertar una peça de deu cèntims cada vegada, a una milla i mitja.

   "What's a yew bow?"

   -Què és, un arc de teix?

   "I don't know. It's some kind of a bow, of course. And if he hit that dime only on the edge he would set down and cry--and curse. But we'll play Robin Hood--it's nobby fun. I'll learn you."

   -No ho sé. És una mena d'arc, naturalment. I, si encertava la moneda només que de caire, es tirava a terra, i cridava i renegava. Però juguem a Robin Hood: és un joc enfaristolat.

   "I'm agreed."


   So they played Robin Hood all the afternoon, now and then casting a yearning eye down upon the haunted house and passing a remark about the morrow's prospects and possibilities there. As the sun began to sink into the west they took their way homeward athwart the long shadows of the trees and soon were buried from sight in the forests of Cardiff Hill.

   Així, doncs, jugaren a Robin Hood tota la tarda, dant ara i adés una ullada cobejosa a la casa on sortia por, i deixant anar alguna dita sobre les esperances i possibilitats del dia següent en aquell indret. Quan el sol començava d'enfonsar-se a ponent, emprengueren llur camí cap a casa, a través de les llargues ombres dels arbres, i aviat desaparegueren de l'esguard sota els boscos de Cardiff Hill.

   On Saturday, shortly after noon, the boys were at the dead tree again. They had a smoke and a chat in the shade, and then dug a little in their last hole, not with great hope, but merely because Tom said there were so many cases where people had given up a treasure after getting down within six inches of it, and then somebody else had come along and turned it up with a single thrust of a shovel. The thing failed this time, however, so the boys shouldered their tools and went away feeling that they had not trifled with fortune, but had fulfilled all the requirements that belong to the business of treasure-hunting.

   El dissabte, poc després de migdia, els minyons eren a l'arbre mort, altra vegada. Fumaren i parlotejaren a l'ombra, i després cavaren una mica en llur darrer forat, no pas amb gran esperança, sinó solament perquè Tom digué que hi havia molts de casos que la gent havia deixat córrer un tresor després de haver foradat fins a una distància de sis polzades de on era, i després havia vingut algú altre i l'havia descobert d'una palada, només. La cosa no va reeixir, tanmateix, aquesta vegada. Així és que els nois es posaren les eines a l'espatlla i se n'anaren, comprenent que no havien pas beneitejat amb la fortuna, sinó que havien complert tots els reglaments del negoci de descolgar tresors.

   When they reached the haunted house there was something so weird and grisly about the dead silence that reigned there under the baking sun, and something so depressing about the loneliness and desolation of the place, that they were afraid, for a moment, to venture in. Then they crept to the door and took a trembling peep. They saw a weedgrown, floorless room, unplastered, an ancient fireplace, vacant windows, a ruinous staircase; and here, there, and everywhere hung ragged and abandoned cobwebs. They presently entered, softly, with quickened pulses, talking in whispers, ears alert to catch the slightest sound, and muscles tense and ready for instant retreat.

   Quan arribaren a la casa on sortia por, hi havia quelcom de tan sobrenatural i ferest en el silenci de mort que regnava sota el sol estavellador, i quelcom de tan depriment en la solitud i desolació de l'indret, que tingueren temença, per un moment, d'arriscar-s'hi. Lliscaren cap a la porta i donaren un tremolós cop d'ull. Veieren una cambra amb herbotes, sense paviment, escrostonada; una llar desfeta, finestres buides, una escala ruïnosa; i per ací, per allà i per tot arreu penjaven parracs d'abandonades teranyines. Aviat entraren blanament, amb els polsos accelerats, enraonant en murmuris, parades les orelles per a atrapar la fressa més lleu, i amb els muscles tensos i endegats per a la retirada immediata.

   In a little while familiarity modified their fears and they gave the place a critical and interested examination, rather admiring their own boldness, and wondering at it, too. Next they wanted to look upstairs. This was something like cutting off retreat, but they got to daring each other, and of course there could be but one result--they threw their tools into a corner and made the ascent. Up there were the same signs of decay. In one corner they found a closet that promised mystery, but the promise was a fraud--there was nothing in it. Their courage was up now and well in hand. They were about to go down and begin work when--

   Al cap de poca estona la familiaritat modificà llur temença, i aquesta cedí el lloc a un examen crític i ple d'interès: sobretot admiraven llur coratge, i se n'estranyaven també. Després volgueren dar una mirada escales amunt. Això equivalia, si fa no fa, a tallar la retirada; però l'un provocava l'altre, i, naturalment, el resultat només pogué ésser un: tiraren les eines a un recó i muntaren. A dalt hi havia els mateixos senyals de decadència. En un cantó trobaren una cambreta que prometia misteri; però la promesa va ésser un frau: no hi havia res a dins. Llur coratge era ja ben refet i ben tangible. Estaven a punt de davallar i posar-se a la tasca, quan:

   "Sh!" said Tom.

   -Sst!- digué Tom.

   "What is it?" whispered Huck, blanching with fright.

   -Què passa?- murmurà Huck esblaimant-se de por.

   "Sh!... There!... Hear it?"

   -Sst! Calleu! No heu sentit?

   "Yes!... Oh, my! Let's run!"

   -Sí! Oh! llamp! Apretem a córrer!

   "Keep still! Don't you budge! They're coming right toward the door."

   -Quietud! No us bellugueu! Vénen de dret cap al portal.

   The boys stretched themselves upon the floor with their eyes to knotholes in the planking, and lay waiting, in a misery of fear.

   Els minyons s'estengueren damunt el paviment, amb els ulls ficats en l'espiell de l'embigat, i esperaren amb una anguniosíssima temença.

   "They've stopped.... No--coming.... Here they are. Don't whisper another word, Huck. My goodness, I wish I was out of this!"

   -S'han aturat... No... vénen... Ja són aquí. No zumzegeu cap més paraula, Huck. En nom de Déu, voldria ser-ne fora, d'aquest pas!

   Two men entered. Each boy said to himself: "There's the old deaf and dumb Spaniard that's been about town once or twice lately--never saw t'other man before."

   Dos homes entraren. Cada minyó va dir-se, per dins:

    -Aquest és el vell espanyol, sord i mut, que ha estat al poble una o dues vegades darrerament: l'altre home mai no l'havíem vist.

   "T'other" was a ragged, unkempt creature, with nothing very pleasant in his face. The Spaniard was wrapped in a serape; he had bushy white whiskers; long white hair flowed from under his sombrero, and he wore green goggles. When they came in, "t'other" was talking in a low voice; they sat down on the ground, facing the door, with their backs to the wall, and the speaker continued his remarks. His manner became less guarded and his words more distinct as he proceeded:

   L'altre home era un subjecte esparracat, escabellat, sense cap tret a la cara que fos gaire plaent. L'espanyol anava embolcallat en un serape; duia boscoses patilles blanques; cabells blancs, qui-sap lo llargs, eixien sota el seu capell, i portava ulleres verdes. Quan entraren, «l'altre» estava parlant en veu baixa. S'assegueren en terra, confrontant la porta, amb l'esquena contra la paret, i l'orador continuà les seves observacions. El seu estil esdevingué menys reservat, i les seves paraules de so més precís a mesura que les anà dient.

   "No," said he, "I've thought it all over, and I don't like it. It's dangerous."

   -No- féu: -m'ho he tornat a pensar, i no em plau. És perillós.

   "Dangerous!" grunted the "deaf and dumb" Spaniard--to the vast surprise of the boys. "Milksop!"

   -Perillós!- rondinà l'espanyol «sord i mut», amb gran sorpresa dels minyons. -Nyicris!

   This voice made the boys gasp and quake. It was Injun Joe's! There was silence for some time. Then Joe said:

   Aquella veu va fer que els minyons panteixessin i s'estremissin. Era la de Joe l'Indi! Hi hagué silenci per algun temps. Després Joe digué:

   "What's any more dangerous than that job up yonder--but nothing's come of it."

   -Hi ha cosa més perillosa, que la feina «d'allí dalt»? i no ha passat res.

   "That's different. Away up the river so, and not another house about. 'Twon't ever be known that we tried, anyway, long as we didn't succeed."

   -És diferent. És tan amunt del riu, i no hi ha cap altra casa a la vora! Mai no serà conegut, que ho haguem provat, tanmateix, mentre no hi reeixim.

   "Well, what's more dangerous than coming here in the daytime!--anybody would suspicion us that saw us."

   -Bé, quína cosa més perillosa, que el venir aquí de dia? Qualsevol que ens veiés sospitaria de nosaltres.

   "I know that. But there warn't any other place as handy after that fool of a job. I want to quit this shanty. I wanted to yesterday, only it warn't any use trying to stir out of here, with those infernal boys playing over there on the hill right in full view."

   -Ja ho sé; però no hi havia cap altre indret tan a l'abast, després d'aquella feina tan folla. Vull deixar córrer aquesta cabana. Ja ho volia ahir, però era endebades de mirar d'eixir-ne, amb aquells nois del diable jugant aquí damunt, al turó, veient de ple a ple aquest indret.

   "Those infernal boys" quaked again under the inspiration of this remark, and thought how lucky it was that they had remembered it was Friday and concluded to wait a day. They wished in their hearts they had waited a year.

   «Aquells nois del dimoni» s'estremiren de bell nou sota la inspiració d'aquesta nova, i pensaren si n'havia estat, de sortós, que s'haguessin recordat que era divendres i s'haguessin determinat a esperar un dia. En llur cor desitjaven d'haver-se determinat a esperar un any.

   The two men got out some food and made a luncheon. After a long and thoughtful silence, Injun Joe said:

   Els dos homes es tragueren alguns queviures i feren un dinaret. Després d'un llarg i pensívol silenci, digué Joe l'Indi:

   "Look here, lad--you go back up the river where you belong. Wait there till you hear from me. I'll take the chances on dropping into this town just once more, for a look. We'll do that 'dangerous' job after I've spied around a little and think things look well for it. Then for Texas! We'll leg it together!"

   -Mireu, mestre: torneu riu amunt, d'on veniu. Espereu-vos allí fins a saber noves meves. Jo en passaré el risc, de deixar-me caure al poble una vegada més. Farem aquesta feina «perillosa» després que hagi espiat una mica els encontorns, i penseu que les coses no semblen pas de mal averany. I després cap a Texas! Pisparem el diner!

   This was satisfactory. Both men presently fell to yawning, and Injun Joe said:

   Això era enraonar. Al cap de poca estona tots dos començaren a fer badalls, i Joe l'Indi va dir:

   "I'm dead for sleep! It's your turn to watch."

   -M'estic morint de son! Us toca a vós de vetllar.

   He curled down in the weeds and soon began to snore. His comrade stirred him once or twice and he became quiet. Presently the watcher began to nod; his head drooped lower and lower, both men began to snore now.

   Es cargolà en terra, entre les herbotes, i aviat es posà a roncar. Son companyò el bellugà una o dues vegades, i ell va romandre quiet. Aviat el que vetllava començà de pesar figues; sa testa queia més i més avall. Començaren de roncar tots dos.

   The boys drew a long, grateful breath. Tom whispered:

   Els minyons exhalaren una llarga alenada agraïda. Tom murmurà:

   "Now's our chance--come!"

   -Aquesta és la nostra: veniu!

   Huck said:

   Huck digué:

   "I can't--I'd die if they was to wake."

   -No puc: si es despertessin em moriria.

   Tom urged--Huck held back. At last Tom rose slowly and softly, and started alone. But the first step he made wrung such a hideous creak from the crazy floor that he sank down almost dead with fright. He never made a second attempt. The boys lay there counting the dragging moments till it seemed to them that time must be done and eternity growing gray; and then they were grateful to note that at last the sun was setting.

   Tom empenyia; Huck reculava. A la fi, Tom s'aixecà a pleret i de puntetes, i avançà tot sol. Però la seva primera passa féu un cruixit tan horrible en el paviment atrotinat, que caigué enrera gairebé mort de por. No va fer una segona provatura. Els minyons romanien allí tot comptant els moments cançonejadors, fins que els semblà que el temps ja no existia i l'eternitat criava cabells blancs; i en acabat sentiren el cor ple de gratitud en reparar que a la fi es ponia el sol.

   Now one snore ceased. Injun Joe sat up, stared around--smiled grimly upon his comrade, whose head was drooping upon his knees--stirred him up with his foot and said:

   Aleshores un dels roncaires callà. Joe l'Indi va redreçar-se, mirà a son volt, somrigué horriblement al seu companyó, la testa del qual anava caient damunt els genolls, el remogué amb el peu, i digué:

   "Here! You're a watchman, ain't you! All right, though--nothing's happened."

   -Ep! Esteu en vetlla: oi?

    -Oh! bé... No ha passat res...

   "My! have I been asleep?"

   -Malvinatge! He dormit gaire, jo?

   "Oh, partly, partly. Nearly time for us to be moving, pard. What'll we do with what little swag we've got left?"

   -Oh! D'aquella manera, d'aquella manera. Gairebé és hora que ens n'anem, company. Què en farem, d'aquella afanadeta que hem deixat a l'ombra?

   "I don't know--leave it here as we've always done, I reckon. No use to take it away till we start south. Six hundred and fifty in silver's something to carry."

   -No ho sé: deixar-ho aquí com sempre hem tingut per costum, em penso. No en faríem res, d'endur-nos-ho, fins que ens n'anem cap al Sud. Sis cents cinquanta dòlars d'argent no es traginen així com així.

   "Well--all right--it won't matter to come here once more."

   -Bé, molt bé: tan se val que tornem demà.

   "No--but I'd say come in the night as we used to do--it's better."

   -Però val més que tornem de nit, com solíem fer: és millor.

   "Yes: but look here; it may be a good while before I get the right chance at that job; accidents might happen; 'tain't in such a very good place; we'll just regularly bury it--and bury it deep."

   -Sí, però mireu: pot passar una bella estona abans que trobi la bona avinentesa d'aquesta feina, pot haver-hi accidents; i la cosa no està en gaire bon lloc: tant se val que l'enterrem ben enterrada... i ben endins.

   "Good idea," said the comrade, who walked across the room, knelt down, raised one of the rearward hearth-stones and took out a bag that jingled pleasantly. He subtracted from it twenty or thirty dollars for himself and as much for Injun Joe, and passed the bag to the latter, who was on his knees in the corner, now, digging with his bowie-knife.

   -Bona idea- digué el companyó, que creuà la cambra, s'agenollà, alçà una de les pedres de la llar, de la part del darrera, i tragué un sac que dringava gustosament. En llevà vint o trenta dòlars per a ell i altres tants per a Joe l'Indi. I va passar-li el sac. Joe estava agenollat al recó, ara, cavant amb el seu ganivet de caça.

   The boys forgot all their fears, all their miseries in an instant. With gloating eyes they watched every movement. Luck!--the splendor of it was beyond all imagination! Six hundred dollars was money enough to make half a dozen boys rich! Here was treasure-hunting under the happiest auspices--there would not be any bothersome uncertainty as to where to dig. They nudged each other every moment--eloquent nudges and easily understood, for they simply meant--"Oh, but ain't you glad now we're here!"

   Els minyons, en un moment, oblidaren totes llurs temences, totes llurs misèries. Amb ulls cobejosos espiaven cada moviment. Quína ganga! Aquell esclat anava més enllà de tota imaginació. Sis cents dòlars era diner abastament per a enriquir mitja dotzena de minyons! Això era cercar tresors sota els millors auspicis: no hi hauria cap enutjosa incertesa d'on caldria cavar. Es tocaven amb els colzes a cada instant; colzades eloqüents i fàcilment capides, perquè volien dir, senzillament: -Oh! No n'esteu satisfet, ara, que siguem aquí!

   Joe's knife struck upon something.

   El ganivet de Joe topà amb alguna cosa.

   "Hello!" said he.

   -Ei!- digué.

   "What is it?" said his comrade.

   -Què hi ha?- féu son companyó.

   "Half-rotten plank--no, it's a box, I believe. Here--bear a hand and we'll see what it's here for. Never mind, I've broke a hole."

   -Una fusta mig podrida... No, és una caixa, em penso. Vejam, ajudeu-me una mica, i veurem què hi fa, aquí dins. No cal: ja he fet forat.

   He reached his hand in and drew it out--

   I ficà la mà i la'n va treure.

   "Man, it's money!"

   -Diantre! És diner!

   The two men examined the handful of coins. They were gold. The boys above were as excited as themselves, and as delighted.

   Els dos homes examinaren el grapat de monedes: eren d'or. Els minyons de dalt estaven tan excitats i tan delectats com ells mateixos.

   Joe's comrade said:

   El companyó de Joe digué:

   "We'll make quick work of this. There's an old rusty pick over amongst the weeds in the corner the other side of the fireplace--I saw it a minute ago."

   -Hem d'enllestir-ho, això. Hi ha un vell magall rovellat entre les herbes del recó, a l'altra banda de la llar: l'he vist fa un moment.

   He ran and brought the boys' pick and shovel. Injun Joe took the pick, looked it over critically, shook his head, muttered something to himself, and then began to use it. The box was soon unearthed. It was not very large; it was iron bound and had been very strong before the slow years had injured it. The men contemplated the treasure awhile in blissful silence.

   Corregué i portà el magall i la pala dels minyons. Joe l'Indi agafà el magall, l'examinà críticament, mogué el cap, murmurà alguna cosa per a sí mateix, i després començà de servir-se'n. Aviat fou descolgada la caixa. No era molt gran. Era fermada amb ferros, i havia estat molt forta abans que les lentes anyades l'haguessin malmesa. Els homes contemplaren una estona el tresor amb benaurat silenci.

   "Pard, there's thousands of dollars here," said Injun Joe.

   -Company, hi ha milers de dòlars, aquí- digué Joe l'Indi.

   "'Twas always said that Murrel's gang used to be around here one summer," the stranger observed.

   -Sempre s'havia dit que la colla de Murrel havia voltat per aquests indrets a l'istiu- observà l'estranger.

   "I know it," said Injun Joe; "and this looks like it, I should say."

   -Ja ho sé- digué Joe l'Indi; -i això sembla ser-ne, jo diria.

   "Now you won't need to do that job."

   -Ara no us caldrà de fer aquella feina.

   The halfbreed frowned. Said he:

   El mestís arrufà el nas. Digué:

   "You don't know me. Least you don't know all about that thing. 'Tain't robbery altogether--it's revenge!" and a wicked light flamed in his eyes. "I'll need your help in it. When it's finished--then Texas. Go home to your Nance and your kids, and stand by till you hear from me."

   -No em coneixeu. O almenys no sabeu tot el que hi ha, en aquest afer. No és solament robar: és la revenja!- I una llum perversa flamejà en sos ulls. -Hi necessitaré el vostre ajut. Quan la cosa estigui llesta, cap a Texas. Torneu-vos-en a casa, vora la vostra Nance i els vostres cadells, i estigueu a punt fins a sentir noves meves.

   "Well--if you say so; what'll we do with this--bury it again?"

   -Bé està, si voleu. Què en farem d'això?... Tornar a colgar-ho?...

   "Yes. [Ravishing delight overhead.] No! by the great Sachem, no! [Profound distress overhead.] I'd nearly forgot. That pick had fresh earth on it! [The boys were sick with terror in a moment.] What business has a pick and a shovel here? What business with fresh earth on them? Who brought them here--and where are they gone? Have you heard anybody?--seen anybody? What! bury it again and leave them to come and see the ground disturbed? Not exactly--not exactly. We'll take it to my den."

   -Sí.- (Folla delectança al pis de dalt!) -No! Pel gran cacic, no!- (Pregona desolació al pis de dalt!) -Gairebé me n'havia oblidat. Aquest magall tenia terra fresca!- (Els minyons emmalaltiren de terror en un moment.) -Què hi vénen a fer, aquí, un magall i una pala? Què hi vénen a fer, amb terra fresca? Qui els ha portats... i per què se n'han anat? Heu sentit algú? Heu vist algú? Còm s'entén! Colgar-ho altra vegada, i que ells vinguessin i lluquessin el sòl remogut? Res d'això, res d'això. M'ho emportaré a mon cau.

   "Why, of course! Might have thought of that before. You mean Number One?"

   -Sí, és clar! Podríem haver-hi pensat abans. Voleu dir el Número 1?

   "No--Number Two--under the cross. The other place is bad--too common."

   -No: el Número 2, sota la creu. L'altra banda no és bona: es massa corrent.

   "All right. It's nearly dark enough to start."

   -Molt bé. Gairebé és prou de nit perquè sortim.

   Injun Joe got up and went about from window to window cautiously peeping out. Presently he said:

   Joe l'Indi s'aixecà i anà de finestra a finestra, sotjant cautelosament enfora. Al cap de poc digué:

   "Who could have brought those tools here? Do you reckon they can be upstairs?"

   -Quí haurà pogut portar aquestes eines aquí? Us penseu que puguin ser a dalt?

   The boys' breath forsook them. Injun Joe put his hand on his knife, halted a moment, undecided, and then turned toward the stairway. The boys thought of the closet, but their strength was gone. The steps came creaking up the stairs--the intolerable distress of the situation woke the stricken resolution of the lads--they were about to spring for the closet, when there was a crash of rotten timbers and Injun Joe landed on the ground amid the debris of the ruined stairway. He gathered himself up cursing, and his comrade said:

   Els nois restaren amb l'alè embussat. Joe l'Indi es posà la mà al ganivet, s'aturà un moment, indecís, i després es girà cap a l'escala. Els nois pensaren en el recambró, però no tenien forces. Els passos sonaren cruixidors damunt els graons. La tensió intolerable del moment desvetllà l'arrelat coratge dels minyons; i estaven a punt de saltar cap al recambró, quan hi hagué un terrabastall de fustes malmeses, i Joe l'Indi desembarcà en terra entre les deixalles de l'escala esfondrada. S'aixecà amb un esforç, tot renegant, i el seu companyó digué:

   "Now what's the use of all that? If it's anybody, and they're up there, let them stay there--who cares? If they want to jump down, now, and get into trouble, who objects? It will be dark in fifteen minutes--and then let them follow us if they want to. I'm willing. In my opinion, whoever hove those things in here caught a sight of us and took us for ghosts or devils or something. I'll bet they're running yet."

   -A què ve, ara, tot això? si hi ha algú i son allí dalt, que s'hi estiguin: què se'ns en dóna? Si volen saltar a baix, ara, i fer-se malbé, quí s'hi oposa? D'aquí a quinze minuts serà fosc, i aleshores que ens segueixin, si volen: jo m'hi avinc. A mon juí, el que hagi entaforat aquí aquestes coses ens ha dat una llambregada, i ens ha pres per fantasmes o dimonis, o alguna cosa per l'estil. M'hi jugaria qualsevol cosa, que encara corre.

   Joe grumbled awhile; then he agreed with his friend that what daylight was left ought to be economized in getting things ready for leaving. Shortly afterward they slipped out of the house in the deepening twilight, and moved toward the river with their precious box.

   Joe rondinà una estona, i després convingué amb el seu amic que la llum que quedava havia d'ésser estalviada per ajustar les coses per al comiat. Poc després lliscaren enfora de la casa en l'hora baixa que s'enfosquia, i avançaren envers el riu amb la seva caixa preciosa.

   Tom and Huck rose up, weak but vastly relieved, and stared after them through the chinks between the logs of the house. Follow? Not they. They were content to reach ground again without broken necks, and take the townward track over the hill. They did not talk much. They were too much absorbed in hating themselves--hating the ill luck that made them take the spade and the pick there. But for that, Injun Joe never would have suspected. He would have hidden the silver with the gold to wait there till his "revenge" was satisfied, and then he would have had the misfortune to find that money turn up missing. Bitter, bitter luck that the tools were ever brought there!

   Tom i Huck s'aixecaren, febles, però alleujats en gran manera, i miraren com aquells se n'anaven, a través de les clivelles que hi havia entre el fustam de la casa. Seguir-los? No pas ells: prou contents estigueren d'arribar de bell nou a terra sense trencar-se el coll, i pendre el tirany del poble que passava damunt el turó. No parlaren gaire: massa encaparrats estaven en odiar-se a sí mateixos, en odiar la mala sort que els havia fet deixar en aquell indret el magall i la pala. Si no hagués estat per això, Joe l'Indi mai no hauria tingut sospites. Hauria amagat l'argent amb l'or, perquè s'esperessin allí fins que la seva revenja hagués estat complerta, i aleshores hauria tingut la dissort de trobar que la moneda s'esqueia no ser-hi. Negra, negra mala ventura la d'haver entrat allí amb eines!

   They resolved to keep a lookout for that Spaniard when he should come to town spying out for chances to do his revengeful job, and follow him to "Number Two," wherever that might be. Then a ghastly thought occurred to Tom.

   Resolgueren sotjar amb ull atent aquell espanyol quan tornés al poble, espiant les avinenteses de sa feina venjativa, i seguir-lo fins al Número 2, onsevulla que es trobés. En acabat, una idea terrorífica passà per la ment de Tom:

   "Revenge? What if he means us, Huck!"

   -Revenja! I si anés per nosaltres, Huck!

   "Oh, don't!" said Huck, nearly fainting.

   -Oh! no ho digueu- va fer Huck, arran de caure en basca.

   They talked it all over, and as they entered town they agreed to believe that he might possibly mean somebody else--at least that he might at least mean nobody but Tom, since only Tom had testified.

   Tornaren a parlar-ne, i en entrar al poblet convingueren en la creença que ell possiblement s'havia referit a algú altre, i almenys que, en tot cas, no podia referir-se sinó a Tom, perquè només Tom havia testificat.

   Very, very small comfort it was to Tom to be alone in danger! Company would be a palpable improvement, he thought.

   Consol petit, ben petit, fou per a Tom de trobar-se tot sol en perill! El tenir-hi companyia hauria estat una sensible millora, va pensar.